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Screenflick 2.5.3 Build 1313

A lightweight and powerful screen recording utility that enables you to effortlessly capture your ...

Nov 12th 2014, 21:23 GMT

Captur 2.4

Provides an interface for the screen capture command.

Nov 6th 2014, 08:26 GMT

Snagit 3.2.2

A small but powerful app that enables you to capture screenshots, record videos, and quickly perfo...

Oct 28th 2014, 10:51 GMT

iShowU 1.92.10 / 1.92.11 Beta

Helps you record a QuickTime compatible video with your desktop activity while also grabbing your ...

Jul 4th 2014, 11:07 GMT

CollabShot 1.0.2

Allows you to easy grab an image, share it and collaborate.

Jun 14th 2014, 11:56 GMT

Screenium 2.1.8

A powerful and intuitive Mac OS X application that allows you to create screencasts and edit them ...

Jan 3rd 2014, 13:08 GMT

SimCap 1.5.2

The simple iPhone Simulator screen capture application

Oct 13th 2013, 13:09 GMT

MacSnapper 1.2 Build 1239

Easily create web pages and PDFs from your images.

May 29th 2013, 20:39 GMT

DawnArk Screen Recorder [DISCOUNT: 40% OFF!]

Helps you capture and record your Mac's screen

Mar 30th 2013, 08:15 GMT
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Screen-Recorder 3.11

A minimalist Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to quickly record your screen's ...

Jan 22nd 2013, 08:54 GMT

Screen Recorder MX 3.11

Tool that lets you record any area of your screen

Jan 21st 2013, 13:22 GMT

xSnap 3.5.2

Captures and/or records anything on the screen

Dec 13th 2012, 09:50 GMT

Aviary 0.9.4

A browser extension that allows you to take screenshots of any webpage and edit them directly in y...

Dec 20th 2011, 14:43 GMT

ScreenCaptureX 1.5

Captures your computer screen in 3 different ways

Nov 21st 2011, 12:31 GMT

iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)

Free and easy-to-use firmware update files (IPSWs) designed for quickly installing the latest iOS version on your iPhone and/or iPod device
iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)


A powerful video editor that helps you create professional-looking screencasts by recording your on-screen activity and webcam stream

Progressive Downloader

A fast, simple, clean and versatile multi-threaded download manager that enables you to quickly and effortlessly download multiple files
Progressive Downloader

iOS (iPad Firmware)

IPSW update files designed to help you effortlessly restore and / or update your iPad to the latest software version using Apple's iTunes
iOS (iPad Firmware)

Apple TV Firmware

Firmware update for your Apple TV
Apple TV Firmware

OS X Yosemite

An operating system that tries to deliver a better, more intuitive user experience on your Mac, while making sure all your Apple devices work together
OS X Yosemite


Provides support for some of the most popular online transfer protocols: FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, OpenStack Swift or Google Storage.

Traktor Pro

Allows professional and beginner DJs alike to effortlessly mix together any number of audio tracks, loops and samples into one cohesive music production
Traktor Pro

Carbon Copy Cloner

A user-oriented and fully-featured backup and cloning utility specially designed to help make a bootable backup of your entire system
Carbon Copy Cloner


Open source and very flexible OS X app for quickly finding, launching and opening applications or files, and performing various actions using them


A handy and user-friendly application specially made to help you access and compare detailed information about various Apple products

VirtualBox for Mac

Cross-platform, free and general-purpose comprehensive virtualizer for x86 hardware, designed to be used for desktop, server or embedded devices
VirtualBox for Mac


A handy cross-platform application that enables you to store, edit, manage and share information across devices and with other users


A handy and practical e-book library manager designed to help you view, organize, catalog and convert e-books to most popular e-book formats
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  • Cyberduck
  • Traktor Pro
  • Carbon Copy Cloner
  • Quicksilver
  • MacTracker
  • VirtualBox for Mac
  • Evernote
  • calibre
  • iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)
  • Camtasia
  • Progressive Downloader
  • iOS (iPad Firmware)
  • Apple TV Firmware
  • OS X Yosemite

DuckCapture 2.7

Capture window, region with a simple way and share easily.

Oct 31st 2011, 07:19 GMT

MonitorMyMac 1.5.1

Timed screenshots and webcam images with FTP upload

Sep 3rd 2011, 01:34 GMT

InstantShot! 2.6 Beta / 2.5

Screen capturing, the smart way

Sep 2nd 2011, 08:20 GMT

ScreenRecord Studio 2.2

Provides everything you need to create your presentation from start to finish

Aug 12th 2011, 08:44 GMT

FlySketch 1.7.1

Screen capture tool with workflow actions

Aug 1st 2011, 07:24 GMT

Layers 1.6.2

Capture your displays as a Photoshop layered image

Jul 23rd 2011, 21:46 GMT

JScreenPrint 0.3

Easily make screen captures

Jan 4th 2011, 19:21 GMT

HocusFocus 3.0

Free Cocoa application to make screenshots with annotations

Oct 22nd 2010, 12:52 GMT

ScreenCapture Alpha

A free screenshot taking utility in Java

Aug 24th 2010, 14:16 GMT

Captor 1.0

Software to capture the screen and save it as an image

Jun 25th 2010, 03:47 GMT

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ScreenCapture 1.0

A free Java software to record the screen

Jun 19th 2010, 14:05 GMT

ScreenCapture 1.0

A free screenshot make in Java

Jun 18th 2010, 07:29 GMT

OTC Screen Snare 1.0 Beta 0.9

A free screen capture program for your Mac

May 3rd 2010, 07:31 GMT

JScreenGrabber 1.2

A free and easy to use screen capture utility

Jan 19th 2010, 05:29 GMT

v002 Screen Capture 2.0.2

Quartz Composer plug-in for capturing and converting part of your desktop to a texture

Jun 4th 2009, 22:44 GMT

ShotCam 1.0

Take screenshots and send them to the remote server

Feb 28th 2009, 14:29 GMT
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