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Android Studio 1.4 / 1.5 Preview 1

A fully-featured and powerful integrated development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA, that deli...

Oct 14th 2015, 02:02 GMT

SEO SpyGlass 6.7

A reliable and very easy to use application that was created as a competition research tool featur...

Oct 13th 2015, 16:59 GMT
  • Audio
  • 61.6 MB

MusicScope 1.3.15

Professional audio analysis software for Mac OS X that can be used to identify the factors that de...

Oct 12th 2015, 23:53 GMT

Colors PRO 1.5

A well-designed, intuitive and fully-featured application that comes with a powerful color picker,...

Oct 10th 2015, 20:33 GMT

Aqua Data Studio 16.0.9

A comprehensive and powerful Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that offers support for data...

Oct 10th 2015, 03:38 GMT

MAXQDA 12.0.1

Powerful data analysis solution that can help you asses the available information from a qualitati...

Oct 10th 2015, 02:49 GMT
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  • 8 MB

Praat 5.4.22

A fully-featured and powerful application specially made to help phoneticians to quickly and easil...

Oct 8th 2015, 19:30 GMT

WiFi Signal 3.4.1

Inconspicuous and no-frills OS X utility designed to help you closely monitor your Wi-Fi connectio...

Oct 8th 2015, 15:21 GMT

SQLiteManager 4.5.0

A straightforward database manager for SQLite databases that enables you to work with various SQLi...

Oct 8th 2015, 11:59 GMT

Latinum 3.8.1

A straightforward application designed to provide users with the necessary tools for Forex and CFD...

Oct 7th 2015, 18:15 GMT

rubiTrack 4 Pro 4.2.1 Build 2369

A simple, clean and user-friendly application specially designed for cyclists, runners, swimmers, ...

Oct 7th 2015, 15:21 GMT

Geneious 8.1.7 / 9.0.1 Beta

A noteworthy and straightforward cross-platform application that will speed up and simplify resear...

Oct 7th 2015, 09:05 GMT
  • Games
  • 94.8 MB

Poker Copilot 5.34 Build 2895

A powerful and useful application that enables you to improve your poker game with the help of eas...

Oct 6th 2015, 18:46 GMT

MacSpice 3.1.6

A minimalist Mac OS X application that provides quick access to a Berkeley Spice 3f5 simulator tha...

Oct 6th 2015, 15:49 GMT

Google Chrome

Fast and user-friendly web browser designed to help you navigate the Internet while also allowing you to stay safe and synchronize your websites and bookmarks between multiple computers by signing in into your Google account
Google Chrome


An easy to set up Mac application that helps you customize gestures for your Magic Mouse, Macbook Touchpad and the Magic Trackpad.

iOS (iPad Firmware)

IPSW update files designed to help you effortlessly restore and / or update your iPad to the latest software version using Apple's iTunes
iOS (iPad Firmware)


Free and open-source app suite that features a word-processor (Writer), presentations and graphics tools (Impress and Draw), a spreadsheet app (Calc) along with database, mathematical (Math) and other useful office tools

Tor Browser

Simple and easy-to-use browser designed from the ground up to help you browse the web securely using the Tor anonymizing software solution
Tor Browser

OS X Server

An easy to install, setup and manage application that enables you to use your Mac running OS X Mavericks into a powerful server.
OS X Server

Commander One Pro [DISCOUNT]

Dual pane file manager that retains the capabilities provided by a famous classic solution, while being completely written for Mac OS X
Commander One Pro [DISCOUNT]


Beautiful looking and fast web browser designed to offer its users quick access to any website via an intuitive and simple to use interface


Provides a plethora of tools that will help you turn ordinary home videos into captivating Hollywood-style trailers that are fun to watch and share.

Apple iTunes

Powerful and user-oriented OS X application that helps you synchronize iOS devices with a Mac, manage multimedia content, and effortlessly buy / download new applications, music, movies and books via Apple's iTunes Store
Apple iTunes

Apple Xcode

Full-featured and comprehensive integrated development environment, designed to be used by developers who want to develop and test OS X and iOS applications
Apple Xcode


Straightforward and user-intuitive one window web development application, designed to simplify your workflow and lighten your workload

iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)

Free and easy-to-use firmware update files (IPSWs) designed for quickly installing the latest iOS version on your iPhone and/or iPod device
iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)

FlatOut 2

Prove your driving skills and try to stay on the road while you outrace your opponent or spin them off course in order to wind the race
FlatOut 2


A lightweight and very easy to use music player that comes with support for multiple file types, such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG or WAV
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  • Opera
  • iMovie
  • Apple iTunes
  • Apple Xcode
  • Coda
  • iOS (iPhone and iPod Firmware)
  • FlatOut 2
  • Vox
  • Google Chrome
  • BetterTouchTool
  • iOS (iPad Firmware)
  • LibreOffice
  • Tor Browser
  • OS X Server
  • Commander One Pro [DISCOUNT]

Magic Maps 1.4.11

Mind-mapping and data analysis tool

Oct 5th 2015, 19:08 GMT

CrystalMaker 9.2.4

A powerful and versatile application that helps you build, display, manipulate and animate a wide ...

Oct 5th 2015, 15:45 GMT
  • Audio
  • 182.2 MB

beaTunes 4.5.4

Helps you analyze your iTunes library and create better playlists based on the songs genre, downlo...

Oct 3rd 2015, 23:58 GMT

Disk Drill Pro [DISCOUNT] 2.4.433

Easy to use Mac OS X utility that provides support for recovering lost data, enables you to backup...

Oct 2nd 2015, 05:39 GMT

MoneyWell 2.3.9 Build 1904

A powerful and flexible personal finance manager and analysis utility that enables you to handle a...

Oct 1st 2015, 21:46 GMT

SMART Utility 3.2 Build 3C036

An easy to use Mac OS X application that offers you the appropriate tools to quickly checks the in...

Sep 30th 2015, 15:45 GMT

Zend Studio 13.0.0

Cross-platform and powerful Integrated Development Environment software solution specially designe...

Sep 30th 2015, 01:09 GMT

NetSpot [DISCOUNT] 2.4.623

Helps you collect data, analyze Wi-Fi signal and visualize the signal strength and signal-to-noise...

Sep 29th 2015, 10:58 GMT

Data Rescue 4.2.1 Buid 5152

An advanced and powerful digital data recovery application that enables you to recover lost files ...

Sep 28th 2015, 21:47 GMT

Detect It Easy 0.99

Easy to use Mac OS X application that can scan various files and folders in order to effortlessly ...

Sep 28th 2015, 18:16 GMT

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ImageJ 1.50c

An easy to use Java application that provides support for viewing, editing, analyzing and processi...

Sep 28th 2015, 14:44 GMT

Hopper Disassembler

A powerful and flexible reverse engineering utility that enables you to disassemble, decompile and...

Sep 23rd 2015, 03:32 GMT

ATLAS.ti 1.0.34 Build 120

An intuitive and powerful cross-platform data analysis and research application that enables you t...

Sep 21st 2015, 10:42 GMT

MKVtoolnix 8.4.0

A powerful and very easy to use cross-platform application that was developed for helping its user...

Sep 20th 2015, 14:26 GMT
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  • 2.2 MB

WavePad [DISCOUNT: 30% OFF!] 6.30

A clean, intuitive and powerful audio editing application that enables you to easily mix and edit ...

Sep 17th 2015, 10:03 GMT
  • Audio
  • 15.5 MB

FuzzMeasure Pro 4.0.1

A lightweight, powerful audio and acoustical measurement, as well as signal analysis application s...

Sep 16th 2015, 23:52 GMT
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