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Adobe DNG Flat Field Preview 1

An Adobe Lightroom plug-in that will help you correct shading.

Sep 21st 2012, 15:06 GMT


Scans through stacked camera lens configurations and determines their optical properties

Mar 3rd 2012, 14:03 GMT

Zollner 1.0

A screensaver based on the Zollner optical illusion

Aug 8th 2011, 03:22 GMT

Readiris Pro [DISCOUNT: 20% OFF!] 14.0.9

A powerful and accurate optical character recognition software that offers you the possibility to ...

Jul 8th 2011, 02:03 GMT

DiscRotate 2.0.2

Small utility that helps you control the speed of your optical drives

Apr 17th 2011, 23:08 GMT

CoherentOptics 2.4.4

A program for the simulation of Laser illuminated optical systems and for the construction of Opti...

Sep 28th 2010, 05:53 GMT

Optical Illusion Of The Day Yahoo Widget 8.0

A Yahoo widget that brings on your desktop a new optical illusion every day.

Dec 5th 2009, 07:03 GMT

Migration and DVD/CD Sharing Update

Provides enhanced customization capabilities and improved performance for migration over FireWire,...

Oct 17th 2008, 06:36 GMT

OpticsCalc 2.0.3

A very useful optical calculator with several functions.

Sep 21st 2008, 08:10 GMT

Optical Illusion Of The Day 4.3

Optical Illusion Of The Day pulls the latest illusion from Mighty Illusions website and shows it o...

Jun 28th 2008, 08:06 GMT

IMOD 3.11.5

IMOD - Set of image processing, modeling and display programs used for tomographic reconstruction

May 31st 2008, 15:21 GMT

Burnerz 1.2.2u

Burnerz -

Oct 16th 2006, 08:22 GMT