iWatch Could Silently Wake You Through Vibrations

Apple reportedly hired Roy J.E.M Raymann from Philips Research

A recent hire made by Apple with the purpose of further beefing up its iWatch indicates that the device will be able to monitor the user’s sleeping patterns, and it may even include a function that wakes you from sleep through vibrations.

The latest in a string of reports from 9to5mac regarding Apple’s progress in developing a revolutionary smart-watch reveals that the Cupertino company has recently hired Roy J.E.M Raymann from Philips Research.

Raymann is “an expert on sleep research with extensive experience in wearables, sensors, and non-pharmacological methods of improving sleep quality.”

An example of such functionality is already available in the FitBit products, “and could be one feature Apple attempts to incorporate into iWatch,” according to the report.

With Raymann aboard, Apple could incorporate functionality like movement tracking with the purpose of providing data on sleep patterns. The watch would calculate sleep efficiently, and it could even offer “the ability to silently wake the user through vibrations without disturbing others.”

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