iTunes Users Spend $40/€30 Annually Buying Apps, Music, Video

Apple currently has 500 million accounts with credit cards on file

Asymco analyst Horace Deidu reports that “In the latest quarter the iTunes top line grew by 32%.”

In a new research on Apple’s highly-successful digital distribution venue, Asymco looks at the average spending of each customer every year.

Apple currently has over 500 million IDs with credit cards on file buying apps, music, and video from the iTunes Store.

So it’s not really a surprise when you hear, “Quarterly revenues topped $4 billion (a new high) and the company suggests that this rate is maintainable by stating it has a ‘$16 billion annual run rate’,” Dediu reports.

Also noteworthy, $2.4 billion / €1.85 billion was the the content portion of iTunes revenues, “up from $2.1 billion sequentially,” according to Asymco’s analyst.

In adding Apple’s own figures to the equation, Deidu concludes that people spend an average of 40 bucks (€30) in the iTunes Store annually.

“In March Apple reported that they have 500 million iTunes [users] so one way to think about the iTunes business is to say that iTunes users purchase content and services at the rate of about $40 per year,” the analyst states.

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