iTunes Now Accepting Donations for Hurricane Sandy Relief

You can donate between $5 and $200 to help survivors of the hurricane

Apple has set up an iTunes page for customers looking to help the survivors of Superstorm Sandy. You can use it to make a monetary donation to the American Red Cross knowing that all proceedings from the donation will go to the ones affected by the hurricane.

Users only need to click the Donate button under the amount they wish to offer, and Apple will transfer the full amount to the American Red Cross.

Customers will then receive an email from the iTunes Store which will serve as the only acknowledgement of their donation. You can donate between $5 and $200.

Apple is known for helping victims of natural disasters, having teamed up with the American Red Cross in the past to use charitable donations via iTunes for other major disasters. These include the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011, and the earthquake in Haiti from two years ago.

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