iTunes 11 Available for Download Today [WSJ]

Engineering issues caused the player to be delayed by a whole month

The redesigned iTunes Apple promised to deliver in October is finally coming out today, according to people who are familiar with the software. The application boasts a completely remodeled player, a revamped store, and even more iCloud features.

The well-connected Wall Street Journal reports that Eddy Cue this week is faced with a test of “how well Apple can keep up in online services with the launch of a new desktop version of iTunes, which is expected as soon as Thursday.” (emphasis ours)

The Journal acknowledges that iTunes 11 has been delayed a whole month by what is simply described as “engineering issues.” According to the newspaper (citing people who have seen the software), certain parts of the application had to be rebuilt.

Apple will release iTunes 11 as a free download to both Mac and Windows customers.

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