iStat Menus 4.21 Arrives with a Ton of Fixes

Bugs caused layout issues with disk activity history graph in the menubar

Bjango has released an updated version of its monitoring utility iStat Menus, delivering a truckload of tweaks and code corrections, as well as optimizations for OS X Snow Leopard users.

Maintained on a regular basis with patches and occasional feature updates, iStat Menus is one of the best-known monitoring utilities on the Mac. Before it was acquired by Bjango, iStat Menus was a free utility. Now a paid commodity, the software offers extra features and an insane array of options for monitoring your system, from CPU hogs with real-time graphs, to networking speed and disk activity.

Version 4.21 fixes an issue with cycling between months in the calendar, patches a problem with IP addresses not updating correctly, fixes two issues that could cause history graphs to not work correctly in some situations, and addresses layout errors with the disk activity history graph in the menubar.

A layout issue in the network dropdown graphs when using “stacked” graphs is also addressed, along with an issue involving connection time for some VPN connections. Some optimizations have been made so that iStat Menus will reduce its resource usage on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard computers. Existing users can download iStat Menus 4.21 and apply these changes now.

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