iSiri – the Apple Watch Concept by Federico Ciccarese

A “handier” version of Apple’s voice-powered personal assistant

If Apple made a watch, it’d probably look much like Federico Ciccarese’s new iSiri Smartwatch. Though it wouldn’t be just a watch, obviously.

In fact, Federico’s concept is everything but a time-telling gizmo. It’s an everyday assistant that supports Apple’s EarPods and connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth, according to the imaginary specs sheet.

The design is reminiscent to the bottom side of the iPhone 5, as it includes not only the Lightning dock, but also the rounded speaker grills.

Featuring the Siri logo right smack in the middle, there’s no confusion as to what this device can be used for. Anything from directions and weather to stock prices and winter coat sales is accessible through Siri, so why not make it handier?

Would you prefer Siri sitting on your wrist, rather than in your pocket?

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