iPhoto Is a Good Candidate for the iPad 3, Pundits Say

Apple reportedly aiming to target the tablet’s Retina display at photography

iPhoto makes a lot of sense for the iPad 3, and Apple pundits agree that the OS X photo management application is imminently targeted at the tablet’s rumored Retina display.

There are numerous pertinent voices on the Internet that echo this theory, and one of them is renowned Apple pundit John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, who makes a good case Apple putting that Retina display to good use.

Gruber opines that, with iMovie and GarageBand already present on the iPad as native apps, "iPhoto seems like a glaring omission.” Some went as far as to speculate that Aperture (Apple's professional photography software) is also making its way onto the third-generation of iPads.

“A good way to predict what’s coming next for the iPad is to ask yourself what sort of things are keeping regular people from using an iPad as their main computer. Photo management is the biggest one I can think of,” Gruber continues.

“A retina display iPad should make photos look amazing,” he asserts.

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