iPhone Rumors Intensify: NFC Comes with the Package

10 days before the big reveal new parts and rumors show up

Traditional media and tech blogs alike are getting ready for what Apple has in store for us. Some of them bring forward some old rumors that are reignited, others come up with new ideas about the next iPhone 6.
The Financial Times, for example, has a new report on the new NFC (Near Field Communications) chip that will supposedly be included in the iPhone 6. The rumor of an NFC chip has been around since the iPhone 5, but so far Apple chose not to include it in its devices. 
The cited source believes that Apple was all this time in talks with the Dutch chipmaker NXP and that they are now ready to launch the new internals on the market. The NFC chip is a kind of short-range wireless technology that provides a way to do mobile payments. 
The known Apple blogger John Gruber has jokingly confirmed this rumor by saying that all the credit card info of the user will be securely stored in a secure enclave, just like the fingerprints used with Touch ID. Everything is done simple and secure inside Apple's SoC, the future A8 processor. 
Apple will release the next-gen iPhone 6 in two versions: a smaller 4.7-inch diagonal display and a larger 5.5-inch screen. Both should be revealed at the tech giant's big event of the fall, on September 9th.

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