iPhone IRC Client Colloquy 1.4 Adds /Ignore /Unignore

New version also brings a console for each connection, tweets, bug fixes

Colloquy 1.4 is out for iPhone and iPad. The cool IRC app adds /ignore and /unignore functions, a console for each connection, support for ZNC's partyline plugin, and unhandled MODE changes in the channel.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as changes are concerned. According to the backers of the Colloquy Project, the IRC client re-adds /tweet on iOS 5 and up, always hides the tab bar in chat rooms on iPhones and iPod touch players, and doesn’t suggest nicknames or commands when you’re typing.

A lot of fixes have been incorporated too. A bug where userlist would occasionally fall out of sync with room state on iPad has been addressed. The Disable Landscape option now works on iOS 6, and a crash when closing all private chat rooms no longer occurs in version 1.4.

Some SASL issues with Freenode have been resolved, and nicknames ending with ']' are no longer cut off in action sheets, according to the developers. This and much more can be found in Colloquy - IRC Client 1.4 for iPhone and iPad.

Download Colloquy - IRC Client

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