iPhone App Tells People to “Kill” Their Boss

Not literally, of course, but it does encourage some unorthodox practices

A free app on the iTunes App Store encourages iPhone owners to take a photo of their boss and use it to create a cameo and beat the life out of him / her using stones, knives, and traditional slapping across the face.

Rated 12+, Kill The Boss in 5 Minutes encourages frustrated office workers to blow off steam by stitching a photo of their employer over a cartoon figure and beat him / her senseless using various touch gestures.

The game asks players to replicate real-life movements, such as swiping their finger across the character’s face to slap them, or cut them with a knife. We'll leave it to consumer welfare watchdogs to decide whether the app is appropriate or not.

“With the theatrical big image, they are no longer brilliant, handsome, replaced by sobbing and wailing, black and blue, tooth loss, and inflamed lips,” reads the description.

So, instead of trying to be a little smarter, better looking, and more successful, you can just download the Kill Your Boss app and clean out your closet the easy way.

Download Kill The Boss in 5 Minutes (Free)

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