iPhone 6 on Track to Get 16MP Camera Sensor from Sony

Korean report indicates that Sony is about to start equipping partners with new sensors

Apple isn’t expected to deploy the iPhone 6 until late next year, but that’s not stopping speculators from discussing the potential upgrades it will harness.

A report by South Korea's etnews reveals (via Patently Apple) that “Samsung Electronics' System LSI Division and Sony will compete in the 16 million pixel complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor market for smartphones.”

Since Apple gets its iPhone camera sensors from Sony almost exclusively, and since the iPhone 5s has an 8 MP CMOS image sensor from Sony, it is reasonable to assume that Apple will want to double the pixel count in its next-generation iPhone using the latest Sony sensors available.

Keep in mind that Apple cannot afford to just beef up on CPU speed next year. The iPhone 6 is compelled to have a new design, a bigger screen, a much better camera (or at least new camera capabilities), and more.

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