iPhone 6, iCar, iTV – Just Some April Fools’ Stories You’ll Probably See a Lot of Today

Keep an eye out for those too-good-to-be-true reports, stay informed

Today is April Fools’. Which means we’ll be seeing a lot of fake headlines, such as “Apple Launches Transparent iPhone 6 with Flexible Display,” or “The Rumored Apple iTV Is Finally Confirmed,” and the like.

That’s not to say we should dismiss a humorous, innocent lie on the one day of the year when everyone condones pranking. But that’s why we have Twitter and other social media.

If you stumble upon headlines saying Apple has launched an iCar or something else that boggles your mind, do take a moment to consider checking with the company’s PR site before you tell all your Facebook friends to get ready for a new revolution in technology.

Everyone likes to make pranks, but nobody wants the joke to be on them. By the way, have you heard Apple is launching an iWatch?

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