iPhone 6 Display to Go Well Beyond Retina with 416 PPI Density – Report

Resolution reportedly capped at 1704 x 960 with Apple now running tests

Apple is actively testing iPhone 6 prototypes with screen resolutions of 1704 x 960 pixels and a pixel density as high as 416 PPI for the 4.7-inch model. On the rumored 5.5-inch version, the density would be capped at 356 PPI, but still within the boundaries of Apple’s Retina marketing.

Sources close to the situation are telling 9to5mac that, despite increasing the screen size and the pixel density, Apple doesn’t have serious plans to include many new aesthetic tweaks in iOS, such as an additional row of apps or widgets.

Instead, “core user interface elements, from iOS functions like the Home screen, Notification Center, and Settings panels, will simply appear like larger versions of those functions on the current iPhone display,” these people reportedly told the site.

Inside each app, Apple will carry out the usual UI upgrades, and third-party developers will be offered a new “multi-resolution” mode and developer toolset to easily stretch the interfaces of their existing apps to match the new screen specification(s).

Notably, a pixel density of 416 PPI/DPI (pixels per inch or dots per inch) goes well beyond the 300 PPI/DPI Retina specification that states that the human eye can’t discern individual pixels at a distance of about 12 inches.

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