iPhone 5s Outselling 5c Two-to-One

9% of customers are still opting for the two-year-old iPhone 4s

A survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) reveals that the more expensive iPhone 5s is outselling the low-end iPhone 5c by a factor of two to one.

Surprising? Not at all. Just last week a similar research revealed an even bigger margin and, as the effects of the recent launch wear off, the scales may even tip in the 5c’s favor.

But, until then, the 5s continues to outsell its colorful sibling, as reported by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), cited by All Things D.

Their survey reveals that 64% of iPhone customers said they chose to buy the iPhone 5s over the 5c. 27% went for the cheaper model (explaining while it’s always been in stock for next-day delivery), while 9% of those interviewed said they opted for the iPhone 4s, a two-year-old model.

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