iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 Coming in 123 Days, According to Arrival.io

New site lets you track Apple’s upgrade patterns, predict future launches

If you’re looking for a way to know when Apple is likely to release its next Mac or iDevice, look no further than arrival.io, a simple web site dedicated to tracking the arrival time of Apple’s next hardware upgrades.

Apparently inspired from MacRumors’ buyer guide, arrival.io was “made with love” by @brandon_weiss and @thejurgy who wished to offer Apple fans a more visual method of tracking down that next big announcement from Cupertino.

Unlike MacRumors’ colorful dots, arrival.io uses progress bars / gauges, along with actual numbers to inform visitors of when the next product release might occur.

That’s “might” occur. It’s not set in stone that Apple will unveil a new Mac Pro within 31 days, as the guide says. In fact, there’s a good chance Apple has abandoned the Mac Pro altogether.

For the next iPhone, you have 123 days left to wait, according to arrival.io. That means the iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 is coming in four months from now, just when Apple holds its annual WWDC conference.

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