iPhone 5S Production to Kick Off This Summer, Says Jeffries

“Apple will likely start curtailing channel inventory,” according to Peter Misek

Issuing his own take on the low-demand iPhone rumors that kicked off this week, Jeffries analyst Peter Misek tells investors that Apple will release the iPhone 5S this summer.

Because of this roadmap, Apple will indeed cut down some of its inventory ahead of the impending refresh.

According to Misek, “As word of the earlier production schedule starts to spread, we believe we could see a slight slowing of demand CQ1 in anticipation of the new product launch and Apple will likely start curtailing channel inventory.”

As such, Jeffries is tweaking down its CQ1 iPhone shipment estimates from 48 million units to 44 million handsets, “which is still well above widespread fears of shipments in the mid-30Ms,” says Misek.

If Misek’s estimates are accurate (and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be) Apple will unveil the iPhone 5S at its annual developer conference – WWDC.

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