iPhone 5S Launching Late September or Early October, Says Analyst

Peter Misek says Apple will have as many as 50 million handsets built in Q4

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek reports that Apple will kick off production of the next-generation iPhone 5S this month, and that the phone will make its public debut in late September or early October.

After checking with his sources, the analyst claims he has learned that Apple will begin production of the iPhone 5S this month, with high hopes to get the show on the road in late September or early October.

Cited in a brief report by Business Insider (with its financial eye mostly on the figures behind Apple’s moves), Misek also claims Apple has already begun production of its rumored “budget” iPhone.

The low-cost iPhone will sell for $300/€230-$400/€306 without a subsidy, making it more of a mid-range offering, and "it will not be competitive in emerging markets,” he said.

The analyst says Apple will have a total of 50-55 million iPhones manufactured in the fourth quarter, including 5 million iPhone 4Ss, 20 million “budget” iPhones, and 25 million units of the iPhone 5S.

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