iPhone 5S/6 Reportedly Getting “Touch-on-Display” Technology

In-cell technology reportedly has issues, Apple looks to new supplier

Apple’s next-in-line iPhone, be it the iPhone 5S or the fully-fledged iPhone 6, is getting new display technology from Chimei Innolux, a Chinese panel manufacturer said to be able to produce better displays for Apple’s high-end smartphones.

The China Times today reports that Apple has requested some test samples to see how “touch-on-display” technology compares to “in-cell” technology, the current specification for the iPhone 5.

Reported issues surrounding the latter have prompted Apple to turn its attention away from LG Display, one of the current manufacturers of iPhone 5 screens.

The Cupertino giant is now reportedly eyeing Chimei Innolux, which promises to offer good yield rates and reliable screens which record touch input with greater sensitivity.

It may take a while for Apple to transition screen manufacturing to another supplier. Whether the iPhone 5S is up next, Apple’s rumored iPhone 6 refresh this fall will most likely benefit from the new technology.

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