iPhone 5S/6 Likely to Use Sharp’s IGZO Displays, Says Analyst

Brian White, of Topeka Capital Markets, calls the Cupertino giant a “prime candidate”

After attending Sharp’s IGZO demo at CES 2013, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White released a prediction calling Apple a “prime candidate” to adopt IGZO in future iPhones and iPads.

White praised Sharp’s advancements in developing a low-power high-quality display using panels made of indium, gallium, and zinc oxide.

“Even after turning off the power of a device, IGZO allows the image to continue to be displayed on the screen,” White noted, according to AppleInsider. The analyst then added that Apple is likely to be a “prime candidate” to adopt IGZO in future iPhones and iPads.

In White’s opinion, the Cupertino company “increasingly requires new innovative display technologies to compete with Samsung.”

Apple is known to have reduced its reliance on Samsung for the same competitive reasons, and there’s a good chance the iPhone maker is also looking for a replacement to LG Display, as the latter has failed to meet the company’s stringent standards.

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