iPhone 5S/6 A7 Chip Could Be Made by TSMC at U.S. Plant

Taiwanese chip maker expects to make almost all of the 28-nm chips for 2013

Supporting rumors that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is building a chip fab in the United States, TSMC announced on Friday that it expects to be responsible for “almost all” 28-nanometer chips for 2013.

Apple’s rocky relationship with Samsung has prompted the Cupertino giant to ditch some of the services provided by the Korean electronics company, including chip manufacturing.

As Apple is steadily reducing its reliance on its biggest rival in the smartphone and tablet space, new rumors are beginning to surface regarding a potentially lucrative deal between TSMC and Apple.

With few chip makers left to handle the massive orders put forth by Apple each year, and news that TSMC is building a U.S.-based plant, the next-generation iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 from Apple could well include an A7 applications processor made in the U.S.

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