“iPhone 5C” Video Emerges, Doesn’t Look Convincing

User doesn’t flip over the phone to show its back, hardware could just be an iPhone 5

This supposedly leaked video of a presumed iPhone 5C has hit the web and is getting quite a bit of attention. Probably more than it should, considering that it doesn’t show much.

Aside from the title of the video which mentions iPhone 5C, the video in question (also embedded below) shows little to nothing in regards to the specs of the upcoming Apple iPhone.

The user mainly plays around with Safari and keeps the phone constantly facing the camera, leaving us to speculate that he has simply dressed up an iPhone 5 in a red protective case and decided to make some unfounded waves on the Chinese version of YouTube.

In fact, considering that the guy has Assistive Touch enabled on the handset makes me think it’s just an iPhone 5 with a busted Sleep/Wake button. I’m not convinced. Plus, aren’t the new iPhones supposed to ship with iOS 7 on them?

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