iPhone 5 and Apple TV Refresh on Wall Street’s Roadmap

Analysts have a keen eye on Apple’s upcoming product launches

According to one Wall Street analyst, Apple’s iPhone business will account for roughly 50 percent of all revenue in the next reported quarter.

Cnet quotes an investor note from Tavis McCourt of Morgan Keegan who reportedly told his clients, "We expect iPhone revenues to represent 47.5% of Apple's total revenues in [the December quarter], up from 38.8% in the Sep. quarter, and up from 39.1% in the year ago period.”

Apple plans to disclose its Q1 2012 earnings on January 24, according to a memo on the company’s web site.

McCourt added that he and his fellow analysts “expect iPhone 5 in fall 2012 to be a significant revenue and earnings growth driver, and a potential Apple TV as upside to our model if it comes to fruition this year."

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