iPhone 5 WiFi Issues Still Being Reported

Owners of iPhone 5 handsets continue to complain of connectivity issues

Apple may not say a whole lot about the iPhone 5’s connectivity issues, but customers have confirmed that the handset is plagued by WiFi problems, and the company still hasn’t been able to patch said flaw six months later.

Discussions regarding the iPhone 5 WiFi issues have been ongoing on Apple Support Communities ever since the introduction of the handset in September, and although Cupertino has rolled out several software updates since, customers continue to report the problems.

There are several so-called solutions available, including one involving switching your router from WPA/WPA2 over to WEP.

However, no one has been able to confirm whether or not the problem is software-bound, or hardware-related (or a combination of both).

In case there’s still a chance Apple can address this flaw with a patch, iOS 6.1.3 should deliver it. Unfortunately, there’s no release date set for the software, and Apple is still testing it.

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