iPhone 5 Shipping Times Improve for Australia

U.S. up next, but not if demand keeps staying high

Either demand for the iPhone 5 is diminishing, or Foxconn is getting better at assembling the sleek Apple smartphone, because the shipping time for iPhone 5 orders in Australia has shot up to just 1 week.

Previously available with only 2 weeks of waiting (and before three and four), the latest Apple smartphone can be yours in a week tops, if you live down under and order one online through Apple.

The same thing cannot be said about the United States, where Apple continues to cite a 2-week delivery time.

In Australia, a 16GB iPhone 5 goes for A$ 799, unlocked. The 32GB model sells for A$ 899, and the 64GB SKU retails for A$ 999. Apple sells the iPhone 5 with carrier subsidies in North America, starting at $199 for the 16GB model.

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