iPhone 5 Second Only to Kim Kardashian on Bing

An Apple gadget and a tabloid fixture are Microsoft users' favorite things

Reality television star Kim Kardashian is the only thing (err, person) keeping Apple’s iPhone 5 from winning over Microsoft’s Bing. The Apple handset is only the second most searched-for term, behind Kim, on the Windows maker’s search platform.

Search engines offer one major advantage – aside from churning up pretty much anything you want to know at any given time – they can act as powerful trend indicators.

According to the latest data from Microsoft, the top search on Bing at the moment is Kim Kardashian, the American socialite that many people love to hate. Trailing the beautiful celebrity was the elusive iPhone 5, which came in 2nd, followed by another Apple hottie – the iPad, which took the third spot.

Fourth was Samsung Galaxy S III / Samsung Galaxy S3, followed by Kindle, iPad 3, iPod touch, Xbox, PlayStation 3, iPhone 4S, and Windows 8.

Facebook was the most searched term in social media, followed closely by Twitter and Myspace at a distant third.

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