iPhone 5 Now “In Stock” on US Apple Store

Apple improves delivery estimates on its new-generation smartphone

After reducing shipping quotas from four weeks to one, then to 2-4 days, Apple now lists the iPhone 5 as “in stock” for visitors of its US online store. In other words, order one today and Apple will ship it to you as soon as possible, even in the next 24 hours if it’s a work day.

Apple has been steadily improving the shipping estimates on its new-generation iPhone since the official introduction in September. The phone was once estimated to ship in as much as a month for some customers, but today, the phone is “in stock.”

Apple has recently cited 2-4-days shipping for the smartphone and now even that quota is obsolete. Visitors of the US Apple online store will be able to choose any model – unlocked or with a two-year contract / 16GB, 32GB, 64GB – and have it shipped as early as the next day.

Pricing starts at $199 (150 EUR) for the low-end 16GB model with a contract. Unlocked, the handset sells starting at $649 (500 EUR).

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