iPhone 5 Name Accidentally Confirmed by Apple Itself Hours Ahead of Launch Event

Searches conducted on the company’s site yield “iphone-5” mentionings

As Apple fanatics are preparing the popcorn for today’s iPhone 5 festivity in San Francisco, California, last-minute tidbits are churning up, including the fact that Apple will, indeed, call its next smartphone the “iPhone 5.”

Searches conducted by people with too much spare time on their hands are yielding results that indisputably confirm the “iPhone 5” moniker.

A few currently-inactive pages on Apple’s site are ready to go with the mentioning of “iphone-5” in their URLs, confirming the dubbing of Apple’s next-generation handset.

With Apple calling its third-generation tablet “the new iPad,” there has been some speculation that Cupertino was dropping the numbering game altogether. As such, analysts believed Apple’s next communications device would be called “the new iPhone.” Apparently they were wrong.

Yet I somehow feel we still need confirmation from Tim Cook himself. The company’s event is a few hours away.

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