iPhone 5 May Boast New Sony CMOS Image Sensor

Unit is smaller than current generation sensors, as well as cheaper to produce

Sony has unveiled a new backlit CMOS (complementary-symmetry metal–oxide–semiconductor) image sensor that it is currently working on, which has the potential to end up in Apple’s next-generation iPhone.

Sony’s next-gen image sensor separates the CMOS sensors from the circuits that handle imagery.

According to the Japanese electronics maker, “This image sensor layers the pixel section containing formations of back-illuminated structure pixels onto chips containing the circuit section for signal processing, which is in place of supporting substrates for conventional back-illuminated CMOS image sensors.”

Sony says the new sensor will offer enhanced image quality, superior functionalities and a more compact size. Apple will require a thinner camera sensor if it wants to reduce the size of its smartphones with the introduction of its iPhone 5 this year.

The Japanese company also said the new sensor was not only better than current ones, but also cheaper to make.

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