iPad mini Outsells Fourth-Generation Model 4:1 [DigiTimes]

People in Taiwan are not so taken with the latest full-size iPad, sources say

Sales volume of the iPad mini and the fourth-generation iPad in Taiwan are at a ratio of 4:1 for contract-free sales, according to sources with local retailers cited by DigiTimes.

The Taiwan-based trade publication says the ratio is 3:1 for contract-bundled sales through mobile telecom carriers, and that retailers must first place orders for the iPad 4 before they can buy the iPad mini.

The sources reportedly said, “Although the iPad mini enjoys better demand, channel retailers and the telecom carriers are not allowed to place orders directly for the device.”

Regular users are not so taken with the iPad 4, as it doesn’t present many upgraded features over the iPad 3, which also ships with a Retina display and a fast processor.

Perhaps not coincidentally Apple this week expanded the storage options on the fourth-generation iPad to a maximum 128GB of on-board Flash memory. The new model goes on sale early next week.

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