iPad mini Missing from Black Friday Promos — Here's Why

Low profit margins force Apple to leave out a key product from today’s sales event

Eager Black Friday shoppers are in for a surprise should they seek a discount on the all-new iPad mini from Apple. Apparently, the Cupertino tech giant feels the diminutive tablet computer is not worth including in today’s deals. And we’ll tell you why too.

iPad buyers visiting store.apple.com today can save $41 / €41 on the latest generation with Retina display and $31 / €31, respectively, on the iPad 2 (launched in 2011).

But Apple customers can’t save a dime on the new iPad mini, which continues to retail for $329 / €329 on Black Friday. Why? Low profit margins.

Apple has confirmed that of all its new products this year, the iPad mini yields the lowest profit margins for the company. It costs a lot to make one – even though it’s mostly assembled from iPad 2 parts – and thus Black Friday is not the place to be for the diminutive tablet computer.

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