iPad mini Kills Nexus 7 in Drop Tests

Apple’s tablet fares much better in comparison to Google’s device

Some highly-unscientific tests carried out by the people at Android Authority show that the iPad mini could be more durable compared to at least one of its rivals, the Google Nexus 7.

As usual, Android Authority’s tester performs three separate drop tests on each tablet, one on the side; one on the back; and one on the front.

While both tablets sustained considerable damage to their glass parts, the iPad mini was actually still good to go. The Nexus 7 incurred more damage as a result of more accurate face-down dropping, therefore had its screen completely shattered.

However, it is worth noting that the Android-powered device was already non-operational after the second test, whereas the Apple tablet survived three in total.

The footage is embedded above for your viewing pleasure. That is, if you like seeing brand new gadgets get destroyed for almost no real reason.

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