iPad mini 3 Leaks Officially Kick Off

Picture is less than credible, claim to show Touch ID sensor

It appears we’ve officially stumbled upon the very first leak pertaining to Apple’s next-generation (2014) hardware upgrades, and it’s allegedly an iPad mini 3 equipped with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

I wouldn’t be so sure Apple has already ordered the production of its third-generation iPad mini, so take this one with a fair dose of skepticism.

For all we know, we might be looking at a prototype iPad mini 2 which Apple scrapped at the last moment because there weren’t enough fingerprint sensors to go around, or worse, a regular iPad mini whose innards have been violated with a Touch ID button from the iPhone 5s.

Any one of these two scenarios seems very likely to me, far more likely than this being an actual iPad mini 3 (mere weeks after Apple announced the iPad mini 2). What do you guys think?

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