iPad mini 2 Retina Displays to Be Made by Innolux, LG, AUO [Taipei Times]

Samsung left out in the cold on touch panels for the second-generation iPad mini

NPD DisplaySearch Greater China region Vice President David Hsieh is telling the Taipei Times that Apple has taken a new panel maker aboard for the iPad mini 2 – Chimei Innolux.

Leaving Samsung out this time around, Apple has contracted three major display suppliers for its next-generation iPad mini model.

The most recent addition to the list of panel vendors is Chimei Innolux, according to David Hsieh, vice president of NPD DisplaySearch in the Greater China region.

According to the paper, citing the researcher, “South Korea’s LG Display Co and Taiwan’s AU Optronics Corp […] are the major touch panel suppliers for the iPad Mini.”

“Innolux and China’s Century Display […] will receive certificates for product qualification [from Apple] to supply [touch panels] for the iPad Mini,” Hsieh specifically said.

However, at least one detail provided by the Taipei source contradicts rumors regarding the launch date of the iPad mini 2: “Innolux said on Tuesday that it plans to ship its first touch panels for smartphones and tablets using its touch-on-display technology by the end of this year.”

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