iPad mini 2 Retina Display Is “Amazing,” Says Chinese Source

Device to use internals from the third-generation (9.7-inch) iPad

Chinese tech site My Drivers reports, based on sources within Apple’s supply chain, that the iPad mini 2 will boast an “amazing” Retina display and several internal components from the third-generation iPad, including the A5X chip with beefed up graphics.

According to a rough Google translation of the Chinese-language report, “Subsequently there are foreign media gives the news that a contact with a prototype of the Apple iPad mini 2 internal staff said the iPad mini size and shape of the iPad mini, but the improvement of the display ‘amazing’.”

Yes, it does sound a bit like reading an illiterate teenage Shakespeare but you catch their drift. It’s all in the key-words.

Plus, this alleged Apple-connect also told the site that “in order to support this piece of retina screen, iPad mini using A5X dual-core processor (GPU quad-core).”

Everything here certainly lines up brilliantly with Apple’s traditional upgrade methodology – i.e. using components that are already abundant, proven as reliable, and cheaper to produce now that they’re not top-of-the-line anymore.

So the iPad mini with Retina display will be a concentrated iPad 3. Seems legit.

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