iPad mini 2 Panels Now in Production, AUO Improves Yield Rates

Current iPad mini shipments improve as AU Optronics gets its game on

Taiwan’s DigiTimes is reporting that AU Optronics (AUO) is finally churning out enough panels for the iPad mini to satisfy consumer demand. Not only that, but the company is also working on panels for the next-generation model.

AUO has reportedly reached “one million in panel shipments for the iPad mini after months of efforts to increase yields,” according to industry sources quoted by the Taiwanese trade publication.

The report doesn’t mention any timeframe for the million-panel shipment, but we’re guessing its per month.

Not surprisingly, Apple’s online stores around the world are listing “in stock” status for the iPad mini in all available configurations.

While AUO provides AH-VA wide-angle panels for the diminutive tablet computer, LG Display, another iPad mini supplier, produces IPS (in-plane-switching) wide-angle panels.

The report ends with a mentioning of the iPad mini 2 expected to arrive later this year. “Meanwhile, AUO is reportedly also working on panels for Apple's next-generation iPad mini.”

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