iPad Will Lead Tablet Downloads Through 2017, Says Strategy Analytics

Average price of all downloaded apps to drop considerably in the next 5 years

Market research firm Strategy Analytics predicts that Apple will continue to dominate tablet downloads for the next five years, adding that paid apps will cost next to nothing around the year 2017.

The Strategy Analytics App Ecosystem Opportunities (AEO) forecast — Mobile Apps Download Forecast: 2008 – 2017 — includes an estimate according to which paid downloads will generate more than $57 billion / €44 billion globally by 2017.

The market research company further states (in the press release announcing the whitepaper) that “The launch of the iPad Mini and the continued dominance of the iPad allow Apple to be the premier destination for tablet downloads for the next five years.”

A no-brainer, considering the massive slice owned by Apple in the tablet industry. Additionally, the research also churned up an average price for paid smartphone apps in 2017. According to Strategy Analytics, that price will be 8 cents (€0.06).

Interested parties can access the full report over at Strategy Analytics’ official site.

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