iPad, Meet Steam

Valve Software codes up iPad-native version of their mobile Steam platform

The popular Steam app from Valve Software is now officially supported on the iPad, optimized for 9.7-inch displays, including Retina pixel density. The 7.9-inch / 1024x768 screen of the iPad mini is also natively supported.

Steam offers a free app for the iOS user base so gamers can pitch in with their input on the Steam community when they’re away from their computer. Seems about right. Why have a life when you’re out and about?

Popular activities include chatting with your steamy friends (that didn’t sound right), browsing community groups and user profiles, reading the hottest gaming news, taking advantage of sales, and more.

Now that version 1.2 is on the scene, you can actually do this on a 10-inch iPad display without having to blow up an iPhone version of the app.

Other changes include VoiceOver fixes, the ability to go offline from a chat without logging out, and the option to close the global navigation menu by dragging anywhere on right side of screen. Localization bug fixes are also on the table for this release.

Download Steam Mobile iOS (Free)

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