iPad 5 and iPhone 6 Already on The Snugg’s Radar

“Our products […] will be specifically designed for Apple's new range of i products”

Accessory seller The Snugg has released a press statement confessing its eagerness to hear what Tim Cook has to say at the WWDC keynote this summer, and beyond.

The company makes a summary of all the rumors, and mentions Tim Cook’s own disclosures about a new range of products launching this fall and throughout 2014.

Many are expecting new iPhone and iPad models to launch this year, and recent leaks seem to indicate Apple will skip the incremental “iPhone 5S” upgrade this year to unveil the iPhone 6.

Nothing is certain, and “whatever the rumours or release dates, The Snugg will be ready with high quality iPad cases,” the accessory maker states.

Les Yates, marketing manager at The Snugg, says, “We are very excited about what Apple has in store next and will have our own next generation of covers and cases ready to be released.”

“As with all our products they will be specifically designed for Apple's new range of i products.”

The fifth-generation iPad and the iPad mini 2 are expected to launch this fall, alongside a range of new iPhones, including a cheaper model targeted at broader audiences.

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