iPad 5 Coming Out Early Next Year, Says China’s Commercial Times

Chinese report dishes out info on Apple’s next iDevice lineup

Chinese newspaper The Commercial Times is spreading rumors about Apple taking on the tech industry with a new range of iDevices in the first half of 2013. The thing is, they might be right.

A Google translation of the report in question says, “The industry pointed out that Apple's new machine together, the new version of the iPhone, iPad and iTV in the first half of next year will be launched, including in low-priced products are also expected to debut, breaking Apple over the years, the practice of the year a new machine.”

Picked up by the entire tech blogosphere, the above paragraph leaves little room for interpretation.

Set aside the messed up syntax, The Commercial Times really does seem to have insider information about the next iPhone, iTV, and iPad.

We reported on two of those products, leaving the iPad 5 for last. Since the fourth-generation iPad has just been released (already too soon, by some accounts), the iPad 5 is coming to annoy even more recent buyers in the first half of 2013, according to the Chinese paper.

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