iPad 3 Launch Schedule Reportedly Leaked by Target Source

Retail giant allegedly learns of Apple’s plans with the next generation of tablets

ModMyi cites a “credible” Target employee who is “intimately acquainted with the retail giant’s web presence” as saying that Apple’s iPad 3 will launch in early March, in accordance with most rumors.

The ModMyi forum hasn’t been the most accurate source of rumors throughout the years, but they should stand out with this tidbit saying that “MMi received a credible tip tonight that Target is updating its system to reflect the iPad 3 market introduction in early March.”

“The source in question is intimately acquainted with the retail giant’s web presence and confirms that the third generation Apple tablet will roll out next month,” reads a recent entry.

The report then points out to an All Things D entry by John Paczkowski who revealed last week that Apple was planning to hold a special event to launch the iPad 3 in early March.

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