iPad 3 to Be Accompanied by 8GB iPad 2 - Report

Apple reportedly plans to take on Windows 8 tablets with cheaper iPad variant

Sources from Apple’s upstream supply chain are signaling that the company’s March 7 event is likely to yield a new iPad 2 announcement, in addition to the almost confirmed iPad 3.

In a move that would copy last year’s scenario of introducing an 8GB iPhone 4 alongside the iPhone 4S, Apple is said to plan the introduction of an 8GB iPad 2, next to the newer iPad 3.

The reason, of course, is to have as many people as possible affording an iPad. The 8GB tablet would be attractively priced at $399, which would allow Apple to compete with Windows 8 tablets and other devices in the future. The information comes from Taiwan’s DigiTimes whose sources have a hit-and-miss track record.

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