iPad 2 Will Be Pulled from the Market, Hurry Up If You Still Want One

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted this scenario late last year

A report from AppleInsider reveals that Apple is set to discontinue its longstanding iPad 2 tablet computer, after it was indirectly phased out by its younger siblings.

Sporting no Retina display, a relatively-old design, and an A5 chip that’s considered relatively slow by today’s standards, the iPad 2 will be discontinued shortly. Apple will stop producing it soon, as people are no longer buying. From the report in question:

“According to people familiar with Apple's plans, the company has made the decision to ramp down iPad 2 production given that customers are resoundingly shifting purchases towards its more modern and capable iPads, namely the iPad mini and iPad Air.”

The discontinuation had already been predicted by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities in November of 2013. At the time, the analyst noted that Apple would ship an almost insignificant number of iPad 2 computers in its last fiscal quarter of the year, prompting management to axe the product in the following year.

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