iPad 2 Drops to $399 in the US – Apple Special Deals

Refurbished iPad 2 units sell for cheap as winter holiday approaches

Tablet buyers who aren’t out for those fancy Retina displays everyone keeps babbling about might want to pay Apple.com a visit, as the Cupertino giant has slashed the asking price for second-generation (refurbished) iPads to just $399 (around €310) in the States.

Saving buyers $130 (€100) on their purchase of a shiny Apple tablet PC, the refurb offerings on store.apple.com/us seem pretty attractive – for $399, you can now secure a cellular-capable iPad 2 with 16GB of storage.

Cellular iPad 2 models unfortunately don’t do LTE, but that shouldn’t be a problem considering that 3G networking isn’t too shabby either.

For the same $399 price, you can also buy a Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 with 32GB of Flash memory. If this is the offer you were looking for, then head over to Apple’s online store and add-to-cart.

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