iOS Gains 5% Market-Share Over Android in September

Velti report puts spike on iPhone 5 launch and release of iOS 6

Velti, a provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology, has released its “State of Mobile Advertising” report for September which shows a 5 percent spike in market share for iOS in the battle for the #1 spot with Google’s Android operating system.

Apple’s lead over Android grew in September with five extra market-share points, as well as 62 percent of mobile ad impressions, according to Velti. The advertising company says that around half of all iPhone 5 impressions came from the U.S., followed by Japan with 14 percent, and the UK with 8 percent.

Krishna Subramanian, CMO of Velti, reports that “Android held prevalent market share in a year that was previously dominated by iOS—but September marks an end to this trend.”

Subramanian adds that  her Velti noticed a pattern that led the company to interpret the shift back to iOS domination as “a result of the iOS 6 release and iPhone 5 launch.”

“In fact,” Subramanian notes, “this is similar to the change we saw directly after the iPhone 4S release, when iOS volume also spiked by five percent.”

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