iOS 7 to Blend Siri and Maps with Car Dashboards

Apple is reportedly working with car makers for console integration

Sources familiar with Apple’s iOS 7 development are beginning to leak details regarding the company’s plans with the software, including car integration.

People close to Apple are telling 9to5mac that Apple is talking to car makers regarding consoles that could attach to iOS devices to bring up an optimized, redesigned version of Apple Maps on the car’s built-in display.

“Sources have described this as a feature akin to a video-out or mirrored display representation of the iPhone’s Maps app onto the bigger screens included with most modern vehicles.”

When the user connects the iPhone to the console, the Maps functions become accessible via Siri, the personal assistant, according to the report.

The new functionality is based on technologies in iOS 7, the sources also said, and the scenarios described in the paragraphs above may not be available at launch (this summer).

Reasons for the delay include the need to carry out improvements to both Siri and Maps (things we’re all too familiar with here in the tech world), as well as a need to do more car-based testing, not to mention the actual deals with the car makers.

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