iOS 7 Video Zoom Demonstration

Developer demos video zoom feature in the latest iOS from Apple

When iOS 7 ships this fall, iPhone 5 users will be able to shoot video with a cool 3x zoom feature that doesn’t impact the video quality.

TUAW has received a short video from an unnamed developer who was eager to show off the feature in action.

Unlike the current video shooting capabilities (in iOS 6), the new Camera app in iOS 7 shoots video that doesn’t require post processing even when you zoom 2x and 3x.

The feature, however, is likely stuck on iPhone 5 (and the iDevices that are about to ship) because of the more powerful processor.

iOS 7’s Camera app also includes some Instagram functionality, such as filters that can be applied during the shot, or afterwards. See the iOS 7 video zoom demo here and come back with your impressions.

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