iOS 7 Uses Multipath TCP for Seamless Network Swapping

It allows Wi-Fi and cellular network connections to work side by side

Apple’s new mobile operating system includes an enhancement called Multipath TCP which allows an iDevice to seamlessly switch between networking protocols when faced with a poor connection.

Olivier Bonaventure explains the new feature over on his blog, noting that Multipath TCP has various use scenarios, such as enabling smartphones to “use their WiFi and 3G interfaces simultaneously or in failover modes,” improving TCP performance in data centers and on dual stack hosts running IPv4 and IPv6, etc.

Using Multipath TCP, your iOS 7 device will be able to send data over several connection types at the same time, including Wi-Fi, LTE, and Bluetooth. 9to5mac reports that iOS 7 is the first commercial operating system to ship with a working Multipath TCP implementation.

The discovery was made (and captured in a screenshot) with an iOS device connecting to Apple’s servers that handle Siri queries.

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